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Ontario shoots down big cities’ ask to allow more of them to get housing infrastructure money

Nov 27, 2023In the News

Province hosts what it bills as its 1st annual housing forum on Monday

Ontario’s housing minister has shot down a request from big city mayors for a change in funding criteria that would help more of them qualify for money to build infrastructure necessary for new homes.

The province hosted what it billed as its first annual housing forum Monday, bringing together a wide range of people and organizations to get ideas on how to spur new housing.

Attendees included municipalities, developers, city planners, condominium, non-profit and rental organizations, post-secondary institutions, architects, long-term care homes, realtors, tech companies with planning tools, and even a psychotherapist, who a government spokesperson said was invited by a landlords’ group.

by | Nov 27, 2023 | In the News

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