Media Room

December 2021

Ontario’s Big City Mayors urge for continuation of the Safe Restart Agreement Dec 9, 2021

December 6, 2021 – Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) met last week to discuss the pressing issues facing municipalities, including building more affordable housing, COVID-19 recovery, child care and climate change. The meeting was hosted by Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie.At the

November 2021

Ontario’s Big City Mayors Continue Progress with New Executive Director, First In-Person Meeting Nov 30, 2021

November 3, 2021 – In late October, Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) held its first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic. The event was hosted by the Mayor of Burlington, Marianne Meed Ward. The OBCM was delighted to be able to safely gather once again. The return of in

August 2021

Ontario’s Big City Mayors Call for Proof of Vaccination and Childcare Plan Aug 13, 2021

August 13, 2021 – Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) are urging the province to establish a COVID-19 proof of vaccination system. Around the world, certified vaccination records are helping businesses and event spaces to safely open while encouraging more people to get vaccinated. This

July 2021

Chair's 2021 Caucus Address Jul 22, 2021

Members of OBCM –After more than a year, we are in the last days of an extraordinary time.  Every resident in each one of our cities has been affected by a global pandemic which has changed our social, economic, and personal well-being. We’ve learned a lot of lessons.&

June 2021

Ontario’s Big City Mayors ask Ontarians to take action for a fairer, more just province Jun 23, 2021

June 22, 2021 –At their recent meeting, Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) made a joint statement calling on all levels of government to address Islamophobia and racism in all forms in our communities across Ontario and Canada. Our caucus condemns the racist and Islamophobic terrorist

Ontario’s Big City Mayors call for action on ambitious mental health and addictions plan Jun 21, 2021

June 18, 2021 �“ Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) are joining mental health leaders and Chiefs of Police in calling for the decriminalization of controlled substances and the continued creation and funding of Mental Health Crisis Response Units. These units combine trained mental health

May 2021

Ontario’s Big City Mayors focus on improving mental health and addictions services May 29, 2021

May 28, 2021 �“ The Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) Mental Health Working Committee presented draft recommendations to support and complement the Province’s Road to Wellness plan which seeks to improve mental health and addictions services across Ontario. Committee co-chairs Mayor Marianne Meed Ward of Burlington and Mayor Darrin Canniff of Chatham-Kent have led discussions with the working committee over the past several weeks to develop actionable policies to fill service gaps, address wait times, and strengthen prevention efforts.

April 2021

Ontario’s Big City Mayors welcome investment priorities in the federal 2021 budget Apr 19, 2021

April 19, 2021 “ The Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) caucus is pleased to see today’s federal budget focused on addressing large-scale policy priorities like housing affordability and childcare while also investing in municipal infrastructure priorities. Municipalities could not address these complex challenges without the ongoing support of the federal and provincial governments.

Ontario’s Big City Mayors encourage Ontarians to get vaccinated Apr 17, 2021

April 16, 2021 �“ With the number of COVID cases rising at an alarming rate, the Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM) caucus is encouraging all Ontarians who are eligible to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. Additionally, the caucus is urging residents to stay home and refrain from travelling outside of their areas.

Ontario’s Big City Mayors support Province’s plan to expand vaccination rollout Apr 8, 2021

The OBCM caucus applauds the Provincial government’s decision to move to a more targeted vaccination strategy and take additional steps to ensure this lockdown is the last lockdown.